The sweet lupin is a legume that has a high amount of proteins and fibers. The beans are grounded info a flour that’s often used as a technical ingredient for the foodindustrie. Lupin is a sustainable food source because it can grow in the Northwest and as a green-manure the lupin enriches the soil with nitrogen.

Lupinfood wants to discover the possibilities of the sweet lupin. In their research they discovered a lot of possibilities with the lupinbeans and lupinflour to make delicious recipes. For their graduation of the University of Arts Utrecht they made a lupin cookbook. “Met lupine kun je alles” translated “With lupin you can do it all”.


Dried lupinbeans

Suitable for sowing of lupine and as green manure.



Suitable for salads and wok dishes. Similar in taste and texture to bean sprouts.



Suitable for snacks, soups and warm dishes.


Cooked & chopped

Suitable for salads, warm dishes and burgers. Has a kind of couscous texture.


Grinded (Lupinflour)

Suitable for gluten-free baking like cakes and breads for example .



Suitable for lupin coffee or chai tea. Contains no caffeine.


Lupinus Angustifolius digital painting


Lupin Experiment – Salone del Mobile Milano

Utrecht Aniversity of Art asked us to join their stand at Salone del Mobile in Milano, Italy from the 14-19 april. There we started the lupin experiment, in exhange for lupin flour or beans we asked people to create recepies and send their result to us. The creations will be visable on our website on the tab “Lupin experiment”.

We are happy to announce that around 40 people joined our experiment to create more recipes with lupins.

It is great that so many people around the world wanted to join us and we are looking forward to recive the emails with recipies and photos.

Next to the lupin experiment our work in process where projected on tables in the stand of the Utrecht university of arts.

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