Lydeke Bosch – graphic,- and product designer,
fascinated by insects and the world of food.


Porcelain pots

In a drawer full of herbs and spices in all kinds of pots, tubes and pouches
it can be a difficult task to find the spices you are looking for.

Whit these glass covered porcelain pots that come in two different sizes,
you can easily see which herb…

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The sweet lupin is a legume that has a high amount of proteins and fibers. The beans are grounded info a flour that’s often used as a technical ingredient for the foodindustrie. Lupin is a sustainable food source because it can grow in the Northwest and as a green-manure the lupin enriches the soil with…

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80% of the worlds population is already eating insects. From my fascination for insects and interest in food, I started out my own research. How do I let people eat insects? After much experimentation, I have made ​​the choice to process them into Italian pastas. Ground mealworms into flour. Different rates to keep it accessible and to let people make…

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Camera: Nikon 5100

Lens: AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mm 1:2.8G ED

Dragonflies & Damselflies

My fascination for insects started in the time when I was a child. In the spring and summer I’ll like to go out in the nature and photograph small creatures. Making visible that they aren’t that scary, ok some of them, but beautiful or even cute. One of my favorite insects to photograph are dragonflies and damselflies. It’s a real sport to get close enough to…

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