Stuffed jump spider

As a child I already was fascinated by insect and other small creatures. One of these creatures is the jump spider. There are a lot of different spices of jump spiders all over the world and they come in all different colors and sizes. They aren’t the kind of spider that hides all day by their web, just sitting and waiting for a fly to fall in his trap but they are courious creatures that are exploring their environment looking for flies for dinner. They have eight big eyes that not only give them the 360 degrees view but also gives them their unique and cute look.

I want to let people see the spider in a different manner. They aren’t all scary creatures that run away when they notice you’ve spotted them. They are just walking around in the sun on your outdoor wall. You can observe them, see how they move, how cute they look and even interact with them.

The stuffed jump spider is made completely by hand except for the plastic safety eyes. Because jump spiders move a lot of times vertically I gave the jump spider magnetic front legs by putting small, strong magnets in his leggs. This also gives him the ability to cuddle by attaching his both front legs together.


“Spiders aren’t all scary creatures, they may even look cute”


Jump spider walking on my computer screen


Turning teddybears into a jump spider


Turning your dog into a jump spider


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