Stuffed jump spider 2.0

What kind of fabric do I have to choose for making a stuffed jump spider? Can I also design my own fabric? Make the jump spider more realistic? This jump spider 2.0 is made with a digital printed fabric. The design is based on the Marpissa muscosa jumpspider, one of the most common jump spiders in the Netherlands.

Because jump spiders move vertically a lot of times I gave the jump spider magnetic front legs by putting small, strong magnets in his legs. This also gives him the ability to cuddle by attaching his both front legs together. The stuffed jump spider is made completely by hand on a sowing machine.




“Spiders aren’t all scary creatures,
they may even look cute”



“With his magnetic front legs the jump spider can clime
and cuddle by attaching his both frontlegs together”


product design    sowing    photography

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